Regional 3 on 3 Rules

1. Games will be 22 minutes with a 1 minute warm up. (Games will start at 23 minutes when players enter the ice and will continue until completion of the game)

2. Buzzer will sound every 1 minute for line changes at all ages except 2011 and older who will change on the fly.

3. There will be no body contact allowed.

4. Teams will play 3 on 3 plus a goaltender. (Teams may replace the goaltender for a fourth skater.)

5. The red line or center ice line will not be in effect, blue line offside only.

6. In the event of the puck being shot over the boards out of play, a puck will be tossed back on to a neutral area of the ice surface and play will continue.

7. In the event of an offside call, the referee will blow the whistle to signal offside. At that time, all players on the

Offending team must relinquish possession of the puck and clear the blue line before being allowed to continue their offensive attack.

8. Icing will not be blown down.

9. Whenever the goaltender freezes the puck, the referee will blow the whistle signaling all players on the attacking team to retreat outside the blueline before continuing their attack, giving the goaltender time to play the puck.

10. There will be NO stoppage of play after a goal has been scored. The players on the scoring team must retreat outside the oppositions blue line, allowing their opposition sufficient time to take control of the puck and begin their offensive attack.

11. A penalty shot will be awarded on any and all penalties called! There will be NO stoppage of play after a penalty. The team offended will be given possession of the puck in the neutral zone on a penalty call in their offensive zone, or given the puck in a cleared defensive zone if called in their own end.

12. Penalty shots will be taken at the end of the game based on the differential in shots and only if the shots can result in a change in the outcome of the game. (ie penalties 6-5 = 1 shot)

13. In the event a double minor penalty being assessed, two (2) penalty shots will be awarded to the non-offending player(s).

14. For all major penalties, the above penalty shot rules apply, plus the opposing team will be awarded an automatic goal.

15. Any player assessed either a five (5) minute major penalty or a two (2) minute checking-from-behind minor penalty will also receive a game misconduct penalty and will be suspended for the balance of the game. If the game misconduct penalty is assessed in the last ten (10) minutes of the game, the player will receive an automatic one (1) game suspension as per C.H.A. rules. (Reviewable by tournament officials)

16. Any player, coach, or team official assessed a match penalty or a gross misconduct, will be suspended for the balance of tournament.

17. In the event of a player injury, the referee will blow the whistle to indicate a stoppage of play in order for the injured player to be attended to. Once the injured player has left the ice surface, the referee(s) will signal the teams to commence play.

18. The clock will not be stopped for any reason during the game, including player injury, with the exception of an injury occurring within the final two (2) minutes. In this case, the clock will be stopped, however, once the injured player has left the ice surface, play will commence at the signal from the referee and the clock will be restarted.

19. The referee’s decisions are final in all matters pertaining to rules interpretation, assessment of penalties and awarding of goals.

20. No matter what the score ends up, a team cannot be credited more than a 7-goal difference. The winning team will be credited with 7 goals greater than the opposing teams score.

21. Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie

22. For final standings tie breaker will be Head to Head (if 2 teams tied) or straight goal differential (if more than 2)